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Demand for our services continues to increase. We are growing carefully, in search of a balance between meeting our clients’ needs for processing capacity and the detailed attention that land seismic processing needs.

New TBI staff in the past year includes two experienced geoscience professionals: Leonardo Escobar (leonardo@tbi.ca) and Thomas Hrycan (thomas@tbi.ca). Leonardo has an educational background in geology and a diverse work experience in acquisition and processing geophysics. Thomas also holds a geology degree and has data-processing experience.

This spring, TBI had the good fortune of adding three sharp new geophysics graduates to the processing team: Dennis Ellison (dennis@tbi.ca), Usman Shahid (usman@tbi.ca), and Tim MacArthur (tim@tbi.ca). Tim and Usman will start in the time-processing team, learning the processing sequence from the field records through to prestack time migration. Dennis will be working with Rob Vestrum (rob@tbi.ca) on 2D and 3D anisotropic-depth-migration projects.

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