AAPG Explorer article on velocity sensitivity

Created for Canada in 2023

Rob and Tim have an article featured in the Geophysics Corner column of the January 2023 issue of the AAPG’s Explorer magazine. What we love about the Explorer is the focus on visuals and presentation of graphically rich content. When editor Satinder Chopra approached us with a request for a contribution to the column, we felt that Tim’s recent model testing on the old Benjamin Creek dataset would make for nice visuals that illustrate an important concept in depth imaging. And the topic works very well for the geology-society audience.

The AAPG website has the article available for free for the public using the following link, but if you are not a member, you will need to create a free account. The title is Structural Geology is a Key to Seismic-Imaging Success.

The PDF of the article is also available on our Publications Page, along with a wide variety of publications and case histories from over the years.

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